ColorLink Japan, Ltd. develops and markets polarization control optical components made of polymer films for projection display systems, optical pick-up heads based on our extensive knowledge of polarization control and mass production capabilities.


ColorSelect® filters efficiently rotate the state of polarization of a primary color band by 90 degrees while the complementary color band retains the input state of polarization. It allows color splitting and combining in combination with PBS. Custom filters can be designed to rotate any desired spectrum band.



PolarCorrect® optical components are custom designed to solve various polarization control problems. Contrast in HTPS and LCOS projection systems are significantly improve with these compensation optics.

Liquid Crystal Modulators

ColorLink designs and manufactures active polarization control devices. ColorSwitch® and SnapWave™ are electronically switchable spectral filter that convert monochrome display sensors or image capture sensors into full color devices. ColorSwitch® is designed for display systems that demand high throughput and video frame rates. SnapWaveTM is designed for CCD or CMOS based image capture systems with transition speeds approaching 50 microseconds. ColorLink has also developed a line of polarization switches for 3D projection systems with superior switching speeds and field of view. (Optical Shutters)
�Liquid Crystal Modulators

For The Best Projector

CQ3® is a color management system for LCOS based consumer projectors, offering high-performance at low cost. Compact architecture with short back focal length enables slim design.

Enhanced Pick-Up Products

ColorLink manufactures optical isolators for use in pick-up head assemblies to manipulate the polarization state of multiple spectral bands. Linearly polarized light of multiple bands or any specific band can be converted to circularly polarized light.
���Enhanced Pick-Up Products

3D Products

It is 3D Display Application Products using our polarization control technology.
These are the licensed product by RealD which is making 3D cinema system.


3D Products

From custom design to mass production

ColorLink offers unique solutions for the most demanding polarization control problems. Using state of the art manufacturing facilities, ColorLink Japan also provides low-cost mass production capabilities. Let us assist in designing and manufacturing polarization optics to meet your needs.
�From custom design to mass production